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Destroy endless waves of enemies and salvage the debris to piece by piece transform your humble space-garbage-truck into the ultimate battle-starship.

In this addictive arcade-style twin stick space shooter, you play a disgruntled waste collector who has been pushed too far. Now you're sticking it to the man and taking your revenge... on the galaxy!

Featured in the App Store "Best New Games" and "Games We're Playing" in the US, Canada and China!


  • Create your own spaceship out of junk
  • Twin stick controls activated from wherever you touch on the screen
  • Dismantle hordes of modular enemies & huge bosses, blasting off the pieces you target
  • Upgrade your weapons and shields by pillaging from your enemies
  • Explore an infinite universe
  • Unlock crazy weapons and equipment -- lasers, giant ball-and-chains, anti-gravity orbs, heat seeking missiles, magnets, freeze rays and more
  • Try different ship layouts from a tiny, maneuverable ship to a hulking, heavily armoured cruiser.
  • Quirky graphics
  • Fantastic original music
  • Kids mode option

What the Critics say

★ ★ ★ ★ "Starborn Anarkist is the perfect example of classic arcade game goodness, with a sprinkling of zany madness."

★ ★ ★ ★ ½ "'ll find this game incredibly rewarding. There's a bit of an art to playing this game well, and that's something that doesn't come along terribly often"

9/10 "When I first turned on the game, it ate up four hours of my evening. Starborn Anarkist [is] simply a small mobile-pearl...there is no excuse to skip this title...glorius music, good mechanics, addictive, fun..." [Translated]

Editor's Choice on " incredibly fun hectic romp in space where you smash, shoot and laser anything that moves ... a game well worth sinking your time and money into"

  • Screenshot of hordes of enemy ships
  • Screenshot of lasers
  • Screenshot of Phoenix boss
  • Screenshot of missile weapon
  • Screenshot of a boss being destroyed
  • Screenshot of a boss
  • Screenshot of destroyed blocks
  • Explore an infinite universe


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